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Ross Bomben; a Great Partner in the Running Community

Gazelle partner Ross Bomben  will be bringing his many years of knowledge and personal experience for a talk on Saturday. All are invited to hear Bomben speak on the different ways for runners to prevent common problems.

A Life in Running

Before his professional life, Ross Bomben was a track and field athlete, a two time All-American, a  Junior National Decathlon champion,  as well as a two time PAC-10 decathlon champion. After his career in athletics, he focused on his career and running. His elite athletic background gives him a unique perspective and better than normal access to elite professional and even Olympic level athletic coaches and consultants.

Help in the Running Community

Since entering the professional field, Ross Bomben has helped hundreds of amateur and even some professional runners. In 2008, he earned a certification  and in 2009, he furthered his expertise by becoming certified as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS).

Living and working in Austin, TX allows Ross to pursue his true passions: running and helping runners, and his wife and two kids.