What I Love: Advising Athletes with their Passion

What I love to do is helping active people in and around Austin. I like to say “active people” instead of athletes because you know you don’t have to be a competitive, high level athlete for me to help you. Of course, advising and consulting with professional athletes certainly ensures that we are on point, with up to date options and science. Part of being in the wonderful Austin running community is getting to learn about techniques by the best to regular, everyday people. Whether you consider yourself an active, practicing athlete or an active participant in everyday life, you’ll find good, useful information about your health and perhaps even your specific activity on our site.

Located in Austin, Texas, and loving it!

Because I’m located in Austin, Texas, most of our friends are in this area. However, I have had the opportunity to help many athletes from all over the area, the state, America itself, and even many international athletes. Many spend their off season in Austin because of the great weather, or live and train here, while some others are competing somewhere in the Austin area. Sometimes I travel with an athlete or even a team to provide consulting during an important competition. Next time you’re in or around Austin and you need some advice– give me a call. You’ll be really happy you did.

Variety of Helpful Consulting for the Pro and Amateur

I talk to a wide variety of athletes, and get to learn more about running and other athletic endeavors all the time. This wide variety and diversity in life is something I really enjoy.