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Proper Running Techniques

Running in Austin

Improving your running form can help you run faster, more efficiently, comfortably, and with less stress on your body. I have put together a few tips to work on perfecting your running form.

First things first, Warm-up. This is so important. Walk or jog easily for 5 to 10 minutes, this gets your blood pumping and ready for more. Always look ahead. You should be focused on the ground about 10 to 20 feet ahead of you. This helps you see what’s coming and prevents falls. Train yourself to land midfoot, If you land on your toes, your calves will get tight and fatigue will kick in. Keep your feet pointed straight ahead. This will help with landing midfoot. Also, keep your hands relaxed and at your waist.

In conclusion, try to be cautious of your posture at all times. You will be training your body and mind. Soon it will become natural.    active-adult-athlete-936075


Running is an Activity For the Whole Family

Ross and Family edited

Ross Bomben was a track and field athlete, a two-time All American, a two time PAC-10 decathlon champion, and a junior national decathlon champion. It’s no surprise that he introduced his kids to the sport at a young age. Running keeps these kids healthy and happy.

At their young age, running should be more fun with goals that are easily attainable. There are several ways to make running fun for kids. Trips to the park are number one on the list of things to do to stay active and encourage athletic activity. Another fun idea is to create obstacle courses for the children to go through or play tag and chase to keep them interested in the sport. It’s important to keep your kids active but also to make sure they are having fun.

Kids Running

Stoic Philosophy

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Stoic philosophy has been such a breath of fresh air for my wife and me. It has allowed me to endure difficult challenges that previously seemed big and insurmountable. It has allowed me to stay more relaxed and at ease while in the whirlwind of parenting and owning a business. I’m still in The Whirlwind frequently I’m just more relaxed and able to withstand more stress in the midst of what previously seemed like a terrible event.

One of the great opportunities with Stoic philosophy is to view events as they are.  When we “as is” a situation we look at it more objectively like an outside observer would. I wouldn’t say I’m good at this, but just like anything with practice, I’m getting better. I don’t remember the author’s name (it was probably a Tim Ferriss interview) but she talked about thinking of small unmet expectations as a chance to practice thinking of problems as opportunities.

So at every stop light when I’d really rather be driving, so whenever I feel the stress of stopping at a light I reframe it as a wonderful opportunity to practice at a time when it really doesn’t matter and the stakes are very low. With continued practice when the bigger more impactful and unwelcome events happen, hopefully, I’ll be more prepared.

Ryan Holiday and Tim Ferriss talk about reading the original Stoic texts for best results. I respect their opinions but Ryan’s book The Obstacle is the Way and The Daily Stoic are presented in a way that is very palatable for the modern stoic reader. The stories highlighted in both books are modern examples of the same philosophical practices that stoics used. I recommend reading either book if you are interested in handling stress better. Ross Bomben Stoic Philosophy

Growing Up Too Quickly

Ross Bomben - athlete baseballI’ve been blessed to have been able to work with a lot of high-level athletes in my career. One of the stories I like to share with aspiring athletes is of a pitcher. He always felt like he didn’t reach his full potential because he was a really good athlete at a young age.

He was taller and bigger than his teammates while pitching in Middle School. This gave him a few advantages, 1. He got a lot of attention because he was significantly better than everyone his age.  2. It made it easy for him to excel so he didn’t try as hard. He didn’t have to practice as hard as everyone else because it “came easy.” And there is the problem.

Well, it turns out that eventually everyone caught up to him and some even surpassed him and moved on to the Major Leagues where he felt he was stuck in the triple-A ball. He looks back at his younger years and wished he had spent more time mastering the fundamentals. Because pitching came easily to him, he didn’t train as hard.

One of many interesting things I’ve experienced with most professional athletes, even at the highest levels, is some have a very humble opinion about themselves that they are not as good an athlete as their competitors. This opinion allows them additional motivation to practice long hours and push themselves beyond there self-imposed limitations to greater accomplishment.


So the lesson here is that we are never done practicing. We can always improve our skills.

What I love about sports is that the lessons learned from dedicating yourself to something challenging can always be revived later in life to persevere during difficult trials.

I think one of the most important things to learn as a teenager is the importance of hard work and dedication to something greater than yourself. It doesn’t matter the discipline, what’s important is that the person seizes the value and pay off of hard work and focused dedication.

Lessons from Mastering the Basics

When I was training in the decathlon with coach Dan Pfaff, he would frequently say, “We’re just mastering the basics.”  The Mastery of any skill or activity isn’t about a new technology or innovation but the consistent application of the most basic fundamentals to the point that they become so practiced that it’s more like a reflex than effort.

I’ve taken this concept with me through college and into my life because I think it’s a fundamental principle that applies everywhere.

I’ve been lucky enough to work with many great people in my life some of which were professional athletes at the highest level. A great story that illustrates with concept well is of an NFL quarterback practicing his footwork during throwing. His training wasn’t any fancy or technically complicated combinations of movements.

What he was practicing repeatedly was making sure his ankle bone (medial malleolus) on his back foot was pointed in the direction he was throwing. Not most of the time, but every time, without exception. I’m telling the story because it perfectly illustrates how simple and uncomplicated mastery is yet to do that one movement every time without exception is tedious and takes a lot of practice.

So the next time you find yourself practicing the most mundane skill or exercise, I hope you come to terms with the fact that after a few more thousand repetitions you have started your journey to mastery. pexels-photo-347135

To me, that’s super inspiring because this reality reveals a clear path to success. A critical step toward success is to be crystal clear regarding what and how to practice. In sports, it’s often easy to know what to practice. The how to practice requires a coach.

Personally, I’ve had the most difficulty learning what to practice in business. Come to find out one of the paths to success in business is systems development. The obstacle is the way. Thank you, Ryan Holliday!

Make Time for the Two of You

Date night blog

One of the best things my wife and I started doing is scheduling a weekly date night. We have found it crucial to set aside time to nurture our relationship. Without this scheduled time, it’s easy to get into a rut of busy schedules. This can lead to neglecting each other. Luckily, we both enjoy exercise. So, a typical date night for us usually consists of going for a run or lifting weights and then heading off to dinner. One benefit of working out before dinner is that we tend to make better food choices. I typically don’t want a big greasy burger after an intense workout.

As my practice has grown and the requirements of my time have increased, this regularly scheduled date night becomes more necessary. It’s the only way that the things that are most important to me get their proper attention. I’m excited about the new office space – especially having the ARX Omni to workout with. The Omni is a great machine. I suggest you look into them. I can achieve faster fitness results which leaves me more time to catch-up with my wife. Aside from less time-consuming workouts, helping my wife clean the house has had a strong impact on the quality of our life. Happy wife equals a happy home.

Reading Ryan Holiday’s The Obstacle is the Way, The Ego is the Enemy, and The Daily Stoic, have all been transformational in both mine and my wife’s life. You can find out more about Ryan’s books here. I’m a connoisseur of personal growth books and courses. These books have been fundamental in my personal philosophy. Thank you for your work, Ryan! Keep up the great work.

So, take some time just for each other. It doesn’t have to be fancy, or out of town, or even a movie. Find something you enjoy doing together and take time to do it.


How I Maintain Fitness

Ross Bomben Athlete
I’ve been on a roller coaster of change lately because of the new office move. Staying consistent with my workouts has been a challenge. What I’ve done is shorten my total workout time but increase the intensity so that I still get the physical benefit. There’s a lot of research touting the benefits of this type of working out but it takes a little bit of preparation work to make sure that you don’t get injured.
I’ve done everything from weightlifting, sprinting on the track, interval work on our office Airdyne bike, running upstairs, and previously training with Ky Evans. My workouts have been too few and far between lately. So I can fully relate to the time-pressured business owner or executive trying to fit it all in.
Luckily I’ve maintained a good diet of mostly vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, good fats, and mostly organic meats.
This week I’m super excited to start training on the ARX. This will shorten my work out times but increase the effectiveness so I can gain the 10 lb of muscle I’ve lost over the last 6 months. I’m super excited to get started! Stay tuned.

Ross Bomben, Decathlete

Ross Bomben Austin, Austin Runner Ross Bomben

Image of Ross Bomben competing in the vault portion of the Decathalon. He placed in an elite level in the Decathalon in 1997 at the University of Oregon. As an elite athlete, Ross Bomben has been competing in and around the running field for decades.


Decathlon; An Overview

What is the Decathlon?

That’s a question Ross Bomben hears often, so we thought we’d include some facts about it here. As you might have guessed, “Deca”, meaning 10, indicates that there are 10 events. Each athletic event is held in two groups of 5 events, over two days – consecutively – and the victors are determined by the combined points in all performances. Victory is judged on a points system, different point amounts in each event, not by the individual event position achieved.

Below you’ll find links for each event, which links out to Wikipedia for a more in-depth description of each Decathlon event.

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