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Image of Ross Bomben competing in the vault portion of the Decathalon. He placed in an elite level in the Decathalon in 1997 at the University of Oregon. As an elite athlete, Ross Bomben has been competing in and around the running field for decades.



Decathlon; An Overview

What is the Decathlon?

That’s a question Ross Bomben hears often, so we thought we’d include some facts about it here. As you might have guessed, “Deca”, meaning 10, indicates that there are 10 events. Each athletic event is held in two groups of 5 events, over two days – consecutively – and the victors are determined by the combined points in all performances. Victory is judged on a points system, different point amounts in each event, not by the individual event position achieved.

Below you’ll find links for each event, which links out to Wikipedia for a more in-depth description of each Decathlon event.

Where to Run in Austin

Lady Bird Lake Hike and Bike Trail

Training for the Livestrong Marathon in Austin?  Are you a weekend recreational jogger? In either case, there are lots of places to hit the track and put in a few miles before heading to work. For you beginners, you can try the smooth, friendly trails close to Auditorium Shores. The well-loved 3.2-mile loop from the South First Bridge all the way down to the Mopac Bridge is thought by many to be the best place for rookie runs or quick tune-ups for the more serious runner. This trail also provides 7 & 10 miles loops for those who have a little more time or are more experienced and eager. You’ll be safe with the 3.2 mile section, and it has two water stops for your convenience. Learn more.

Shoal Creek Hike and Bike Trail

The Shoal Creek Hike and Bike Trail offers Austin runners a stunning, if less manicured, 3 miles of terrain close to Central Austin (3 miles one way, 6 round trip). Be prepared to be more nimble along the way than you have to be at Lady Bird. Park at the trailhead, located at 2600 N. Lamar, or you can pick up the same trail from Lady Bird Trail between Caesar Chavez and Lamar Blvd. Learn more.

Brushy Creek Trail

The Austin Brushy Creek Trail is a wonderful gravel-paved trail located in the far north area of Austin, in the Avery Ranch area. It runs parallel to Brushy Creek, offers 2.5 miles of one-way running, and again, is less manicured than Lady Bird. Brushy Creek Trail is adequate for biking and running, and much better for walking in a pet friendly atmosphere. Learn more.

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